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SCDF: Diane Velasquez was a Carnival legend, a giant

PHILIPSBURG--The St. Maarten Carnival Development Foundation (SCDF) on Wednesday extended its condolences to the family of Diane Velasquez who passed away in Trinidad on Wednesday.

President of the SCDF Alston Lourens called Velasquez a "Carnival legend, a giant and mainstay of Carnival."

He said for years the name and brand of Diane Velasquez was synonymous with Carnival. "She inspired many troupe leaders and created memories for so many Carnival lovers. Her vibrant spirit and love as a troupe leader and costume maker was contagious," Lourens said.

Lourens added that Diane elevated Carnival parades with her amazing, creative and energetic troupes. He said that when she was active, people didn't ask what international shows were going to be in Carnival, but whether or not Diane was going to be on the road.

"She wasn't just a troupe leader in name either, she was on the road jamming with her revelers who had come to love her and can tell you stories to this day."

"She was also ever present to offer advice on the ever-developing art forms that makeup Carnival and especially playing mas. We recently honored Diane as part of our 50th Carnival Celebration in 2019 and know that her love for the festival lives on in her daughter. Jam on Diane! Thank you for everything and for loving St. Maarten Carnival," Lourens said.


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