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Allow us, if you will, to describe a venue unlike no other in the Caribbean. That’s not an overstatement either, St. Maarten’s Carnival Village is the only one of its kind in the entire Caribbean basin. Above everything else, it is what makes St. Maarten’s Carnival unique among Caribbean Carnivals.


Carnival Village is an open, semi-circular structure, almost stadium-like in design, that consists of 79 connected booths. Booths are little bar-like spaces that are transformed into eateries and commercial spaces for the duration of Carnival. Carnival Village is the epicenter of everything Carnival related.


It has a state-of-the-art concert stage, VIP bleacher seating, conference rooms, the works. Officially named “The St. Maarten Festival Village” this venue is renamed “Carnival Village” once Carnival descends on St. Maarten. Imagine standing in a football stadium and you are surrounded by 79 mini restaurants and other commercial outlets.


The “Village”, as it is affectionately abbreviated, caters to your every culinary delight. Cuisine from almost every nationality that makes up the melting pot that is St. Maarten, is available in Carnival Village. From St. Maarten’s own barbecue chicken/ribs, johnny cakes, conch and dumplings and more, to delicacies from Suriname, Trinidad, Dominica, India and Curacao, if you want it, the Village has it.


Besides the booths that offer food, there are other booths that offer Carnival merchandise, toys for children, phone services, heck you can even play the lottery in the Village. There is a dedicated ATM machine and a permanent police sub-station within. At night all 79 booths remain open for the major local and international concerts and world renowned artists that take center stage.


Carnival Village and St. Maarten’s Carnival, one isn’t the same without the other, a unique experience to say the least.


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