The St. Maarten Carnival Development Foundation

The officially recognised entity responsible for Carnival on St. Maarten is the St. Maarten Carnival Development Foundation (SCDF). The SCDF is strictly a volunteer group. The board of the SCDF is appointed for a period of four years.


The board has the prerogative to welcome new volunteer members or what is called Work Group Members. These are the folks that make-up the rest of the organization, but they have no legal distinction within the SCDF. Their inclusion is up to the discretion of the board of the SCDF.


The SCDF also can, if it so chooses, to appoint a Director of Carnival. The Director is responsible for the year-round, day-to-day operations of Carnival. Each board member, besides his or her designated position on the board task, is responsible for various aspects of Carnival.  


The current board (2013-2017) of the SCDF and their functions are as follows:


Michael Granger - President/Director:

In charge of securing corporate sponsors,

managing the day to day operations of

Carnival, coordinating the parades and

international nights.


Ewardo Radjouki - Vice President:

In charge of the Calypso and Roadmarch

competitions and general Carnival

Village logistics and operations.


Malcolm Cooper – Treasurer:

Sole purpose is to ensure that the

foundation remains financially viable.


Franciane Peterson – Secretary:

Responsible for all foundation

documentation, correspondence and minutes. Liason for Carnival pageants.


Vida Boyrard - Asst. Secretary: Responsible for all Carnival Village booths and booth activities.


Giovanni Radjouki - Board member: Responsible for the regulating and inspection of band trucks and coordination of all jump-ups. SCDF Liason with all Emergency Services.


Alston Lourens – Board member/Public Relations: Responsible SCDF's general media outreach, website, social media and media team.


Roland Rommy - Board member: Responsible for technical aspects inside Carnival Village, including general utilities.


Chabelly Cortico - Board member: Responsible for the Youth Extravaganza and assists with the coordination of parades