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We create unique, customized partnerships, branding opportunities, and promotions for our sponsors to meet their individual goals. We build partnerships to last not just the 3 weeks of Carnival, but through the year and, hopefully, for years to come. We welcome the opportunity to show how Carnival can deliver for your organization.


As a sponsor of St. Maarten Carnival, your organization will realize tangible marketing benefits, shared media and promotions, and experiential opportunities to interact with the our festival attendees.  Your level of participation and investment is customizable as we want every experience with our attendees to be unique and memorable.


Carnival-goers understand that events need partners and so they expect to see sponsors.  Carnival-goers in turn support those sponsors who help bring them the experiences they are seeking.


For sponsorship possibilities please contact Michael Granger: 1-721-5225133 or email

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