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With registration closed, SCDF moves into next phase of Carnival preparations

With registration closed, SCDF moves

into next phase of Carnival preparations

PHILIPSBURG—With the registration for Carnival 2016 now closed, the St. Maarten Carnival Development Foundation (SCDF) will now move into the next phase of preparation for Carnival 2016. This next phase will focus mainly on all marketing aspects of Carnival while the foundation continues general preparations “behind the scenes”. Registration ran from September 1 until November 1.

The public should expect some big announcements over the next few days and weeks including specifics surrounding season passes for Carnival 2016, the launching of SCDF’s new website, smart phone app, promotional videos and specifics about local and international shows. Also launching in a few weeks is the final an official Scotiabank Carnival schedule of events.

SCDF reported over the weekend that registration for the various sections of Carnival is looking very good. Booths, for example, have all been spoken for. “There isn’t a single booth available so again our waiting list for people wanting to operate a booth in Carnival Village continues to grow,” SCDF Director Mike Granger said.

Granger added that this next phase of Carnival is one of the foundations favorite as it presents the opportunity to disclose plenty information about Carnival to start getting people ready for the island’s largest annual event.

“We have some new initiatives and improvements to other areas of Carnival to announce. We are excited about our new marketing initiatives in particular as we continue to extend the reach of St. Maarten’s Carnival product. Many people called the last two Carnivals the best St. Maarten has ever had. We welcome the opportunity to build on that for 2016,” Granger added.

Granger admitted that changes were necessary to ensure the viability of Carnival. He said the foundation is still dealing with its creditors but has developed a plan to eject itself from its constant cycle of debt. “Change isn’t easy for many people. It often brings resistance. But if all of us truly loves Carnival, we have to act responsibly and do what’s necessary to ensure that Carnival thrives. This is our mission and we aim to fulfill it,” he concluded.

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