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Carnival 2023 Junior Calypso, Road March monarchs crowned

~ B’s Steel Orchestra wins Interscholastic Panorama ~

POINTE BLANCHE--Three pre-Carnival events, the Junior Road March, Junior Calypso and Interscholastic Panorama competitions were held at the Port facilities on Sunday, April 9.

The sold-out event boasted a tremendous out-pour of supporters for the youngsters as they took the stage, where two monarchs and one school were crowned winners.

The 2023 Junior Carnival Calypso Monarch is Esmeayah “Lady E” Hodge with her song “Tribute to educators”. The first runner-up was Khurron “ Smally” Williams with his song “Power” and second runner-up Joshua “Mighty JP” Patrick who sang “Wear your Helmet”.

The Junior Road March Monarch is Makhali “Mighty Khali” Richardson who sang “Represent”. First runner-up was Smally with “Power” and second-runner went to Mighty JP with his song “King ah the Road”.

For the first time, eight primary schools competed in the Interscholastic Panorama competition. The champions were Leonald Connor School’s B’s Steel Orchestra. First runner-up was St. Dominic’s Melodies and second runner-up was Sister Borgia School (group eight) Pan Vibes.

It was announced during the evening’s events that the competition was officially renamed the Calypso Barbara Junior Carnival Calypso and Road March Competition.

All three events were organised by Dow’s Musical Foundation.


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