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Telcell Night of the Hitmakers 2016

TelCell Night Of The Hit Makers, St. Maarten’s carnival flagship show and premier dance experience is back. For the past 3 years Xtratight™ Entertainment has brought a blend of artists together that brings the carnival village alive, and sets the dance floor on fyah. This year Xtratight is guaranteeing yet another Xtatic experience for St. Maarten Carnival 2016. Xtratight™ Entertainment presents it's 4thedition of TelCell Night Of The Hit Makers featuring Tsunami, Tanya St. Val, Mika Ben, Jean Marc Ferdinand, Kes The Band and St. Maarten’s very own Control Band!

Just as previous years, since Night of the Hit Makers, arrival on the carnival scene Xtratight has once again not compromised on setting a powerful line up. This year’s TelCell Night Of The Hit Makers comprises of the musical ingredients from the Caribbean for everyone, with a twist of Zouk that is guaranteed to mash up the dance floor. Each artist that will take the stage has been labeled as a definite Hit Maker; having a string of mega hits that pulse excitement amongst fans all over the world. Just like every other XT event, Xtratight™ Entertainment is committed to ensure a production of the highest caliber and promises that TellCel Night Of The Hit Makers will once again exceed the expectations of many.

- Tsunami, is one of the most well known bands on the island of Aruba. The unique blend of Latin, Caribbean and local influences combined with the focus on live instrumentation has propelled Tsunami to great levels of success.

- Control Band, undoubtedly the #1 dance band of St. Maarten. Control is sure to rock any dance floor for their first note to the last. This is not the first time that the band will grace the Hit Makers stage but this year the band tend to bring some new styles and music

- Tanya St. Val, is definitely a zouk diva loved by fans all over the world. Her warm, sensual voice and incontestable professionalism have made Tanya Saint-Val one of the most glamorous stars of French Caribbean music. Hits such as Météw cool, Chalè and Zouk a gogo has made Tanya St. Val one of the most powerful female zouk artists today.

- Mika Ben, hailing out of Haiti, Mika Ban (Michael Benjamin) is no stranger to the Kompa scene. His major hit “Ou Pati” is a definite banger that rocks the dance floor. Mika Ben has also produced for bands such as Carimi and T-Vice.

- Jean Marc Ferdinand, is dubbed as the party rocker. His mega-hit Tikki Tak is guaranteed to rock the dance floor for both young and old. Jean Marc Ferdinand delivers an energetic performance for any music lover to stand still. Get Ready!

- KES, (commonly known as Kes the Band) is a soca band formed in Trinidad in 2005. The group’s musical style primarily consists of soca, influenced by calypso, dancehall and reggae, with elements from other genres such as rock and dance music. It is sometimes described as Island Pop or Caribbean Pop. Noted for high-energy live performances and the soulful voice of lead singer (Kees), KES has captured the hearts of many. It has become one of the most popular and sought after bands in Trinidad and Tobago, throughout the Caribbean, US and Canada.

Xtratight CEO Bertaux “Mr. Rude” Fleming: “It is with a humble heart that I extend gratitude to TelCell’s Management and Staff for entrusting in the XT vision. Pitching the vision and forming a great team, contributed to the continued growth of the Telcell Night of the Hit Makers, mentioned Mr. Rude. Moreover, a special thank you goes out to the dynamic SCDF committee for paving the path for the Hit Makers birth. This year promises to be no different, other than another great production, as we continue to ensure that the fans leave energized and anxious for more XT events”. “ Follow us and stay tune for great promotions and surprises”, concluded Mr. Rude

SCDF President Mr. Mike Granger: "Putting together a concert line-up is like an art form. It's safe to say that Mr. Rude has this art form down solid," Carnival Director Mike Granger said. "We are very excited about the Hit Makers line-up this year and are confident that the flagship show on the schedule will deliver once again as we continue our efforts to enhance St. Maarten's Carnival product. Resident and visitor eagerly ask us for information about Night of the Hit Makers daily. We are sure they won't be disappointed. Congrats once again to Mr. Rude and the Xtratight family for what is shaping to be a spectacular event."

TelCell Night Of The Hit Makers 2016 production is planned to guarantee each patron a memorable and Xtatic experience. The signature dance-floor is back, be a part of the biggest outdoor disco setting on the island. The production will be Xtratight™ with the show starting on time!

It’s not just a concert; it’s a Carnival dance experience!

Friday April 23rd, Carnival Village, Doors open at 8pm, dance starts @ 9PM promptly


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