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Presidente, SCDF to host Noche Latina for Carnival

PHILIPSBURG - Presidente Beer, in collaboration with the St. Maarten Carnival Development Foundation (SCDF), will host Noche Latina on Sunday, April 30, in Carnival Village featuring five of the most well-known artists out of the Dominican Republic. It will be the first Latin concert held under the new SCDF-CC1 partnership. The SCDF is now in control of both Reggae Night and Latin Night, two of the largest annually for Carnival.

Under the theme “Siente La Musica!” or Feel The Music, Presidente and SCDF will present two artists that fall under the “Urbanas” genre, two “Bacahateros” and one Salsa band that will “have the public dancing all night,” according to the foundation.

Taking the stage will be Urbana stars Shadow Blow and Mozart La Para. They will be joined by popular Salsa band Revolucion Salsera and finally, two legendary Bachata singers Yoskar Sarante and Luis Miguel del Amargue will complete the lineup.

“We are very excited about this show and very pleased to be able to partner with CC1 and Presidente Beer for this concert. The Latin music genre is still one of the biggest in the world and it’s an integral part of St. Maarten Carnival,” SCDF President Alston Lourens said.

“It isn’t just the Spanish community on St. Maarten that look forward to this show, locals as well, as do our visitors from Aruba, Curacao, South America and Miami. The lineup for Noche Latina is filled with top class artists with hits after hits. It will be a fun and energetic night for sure,” he added.

Mozart La Para

Mozart La Para is a Dominican rapper who became a star following the success of singles like "Si Te Puego Cuerno," "Mami Yo Quisiera" and "Pom Pom Pom." He has also been a featured artist on tracks by a number of popular artists, including Shadow Blow and Sharlene Taule. During his first tour of the United States, he performed in front of 20,000 people as a special guest with renowned bachata group Aventura at the Izod Center in New Jersey. His collaboration with singer Farruko, "Si Te Puego Cuerno," became a smash hit in 2011.

Shadow Blow

Shadow Blow is a Dominican rapper who is considered one of the preeminent artists in the subgenre of rap known as nipo. Some of his most popular songs include "Tu Con El & Yo Con Ella," "Mensaje Directo (DM)" and "Desde Que Te Conoci." He began attending the National Conservatory of Music in Santo Domingo in 1992. He studied piano for over a decade. He created his own studio called En El Area Estudio. Mozart La Para is featured on his hit track "Tu Con El & Yo Con Ella."

Yoskar Sarante

Yoskar Sarante is one of the most popular singers of new bachata of Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic. He took his first steps into merengue and belonged to the International Grupo Melao a merengue band in the Dominican Republic. He works with the nueva bachata movement, and has been on compilations such as Bachata Tipico and The Rough Guide to Bachata. During his career, he was invited to sing for the mayor at the New York Mets Stadium, which gained him some acclaim in the United States. He is now widely known internationally, and his music deals with romantic topics.

Luís Miguel del Amargue

Luís Miguel del Amargue is a bachata singer from the Dominican Republic who was successful as a recording artist in Spain for a decade prior to breaking into the American music market with the compilation album Mis Canciones in 2009. Born in Azua, Dominican Republic, he made his album debut with Amor de una Noche in 1998. A collection of both bachatas and merengues, Amor de una Noche was released on the independent label Chaira Records and distributed in the United States, Puerto Rico, and Spain.

Revolucion Salsera

Revolucion Salsera is an extremely popular Salsa band out of the Dominican Republic. They are part of a new generation of stars emerging in Santo Domingo and have already carved a niche out for themselves with popular hits. Songs such as “Mi Princesa”, “A falta de ti”, “El Amore is Libre” are still tearing up the charts.

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