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SCDF shuns overly sexual suggestive chants, dancing

PHILIPSBURG - The St. Maarten Carnival Development Foundation (SCDF) is not a supporter of what it terms “overly suggestive” chants that’s disguising as music recently and will ask the authorities to crack down on extreme sexually suggestive jamming by young people in particular.

The foundation was reacting to a number of songs that are released for the Carnival season with sexual overtones aimed at influencing revelers to perform suggestive dances on the road. Popularly known as “daggering” (a female bent over in front of a man), the dance has gotten out of control the past years and the foundation feels the music this year will only serve to increase this type of behavior on the road.

SCDF is urging all bands and DJ’s to refrain from these types of chants and focus on real music. “We already have an issue with young people carrying on too vulgar at times and while the majority of our revelers jam decently, the “daggering” and such tend to get all the attention, and negative at that. It is not the image we want portrayed of Carnival and of our young people. We do not want to see young people on the ground simulating sex,” the SCDF board said.

“We want those artists to understand that what they are producing is really not music and it doesn’t add anything to the Carnival product. We will be asking the authorities to tackle any lewd behavior on the road spurned by these chants as well as address the band and/or DJ directly.

“We love a good jam and we know the music catches you at times. But grinding on someone and “wukkin up” are very different than what we are seeing these days,” the board added.

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