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Heavy hitters dominate Nagico Senior Calypso Competition

SINT MAARTEN (PHILIPSBURG) - All of the locally dubbed “big guns of Calypso” are registered and will compete in the 2023 Nagico Senior Calypso Competition, which will feature 18 singers in the Calypso Eliminations on Friday, March 24. The St. Maarten Carnival Development Foundation (SCDF) and Nagico, its longstanding title sponsor for the Senior Calypso Show, is ready and excited to hear the best in social commentary from St. Maarten’s veterans Calypsonians.

These 18 singers are all vying for the coveted Calypso Monarch throne currently held by Leroy “King Beau Beau” Brooks. Of the 18 singers, only 10 will advance to face Beau Beau in the Calypso Finals on April 26 in Carnival Village. At the eliminations on March 24, each singer will sing one song, as compared to the finals where they will have to singe two songs. Needless to say, King Beau Beau will be at the eliminations to size up his competition.

Competing in the eliminations will be The Pensioner, Empress Zee, Lady Upsetter, Mighty Chipman, His Majesty Baker Jr., King Barrow, The Wizard, Ebony Empress, Lady Righteous, Ricky Da Phox, D’ Monitor, Lawd Toby, Emperor Kaiso Brat, Roxxy, Fish Da Mega Boss, X-Rey, Mighty Pepper and The Mighty Dow.

“We have a heck of a line-up of veteran singers for the Calypso show so everyone will have to bring their best to make it to the finals. And when they get to the finals, the pressure will increase because they have to face King Beau Beau there. So this is going to be a tight competition and we are very happy to and excited to have all the veterans participating,” the SCDF said.

The foundation also thanked Nagico for staying faithful to the event. “There aren’t many constants in Carnival, but Nagico stands out. Their commitment to the product and the art form will never be under appreciated by the SCDF. They continue to believe in the Calypso product and we are forever grateful for our partnership with the company,” the SCDF added.

The singers will be featured and promoted in the weeks leading up to the competition and they encourage all calypso lovers to save the date and come out in force to support Calypso.


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