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SCDF calls on all troupes, costume makers, Designers, for King & Queen of the Band

SINT MAARTEN (PHILIPSBURG) - President of the St. Maarten Carnival Development Foundation (SCDF) Edwardo Radjouki is keeping to his word of bringing back cultural aspects of Carnival that for various reasons had fallen dormant. The SCDF on Thursday provide provided more information about its much-anticipated King & Queen of the Band Competition which was last held in the late 1990’s.

The event was a huge draw for Carnival as persons flocked from near and far to witness the massive costumes that troupe leaders and costume builders would display on stage. “King and Queen of the Band was a staple on the carnival calendar, and one of the greatest displays of creativity, revelry, and splendor for St. Maarten Carnival,” Radjouki said, himself a former winner of this competition multiple times.

The King, Queen and Individual costume contest is not just about larger than life costumes and colorful themes, but a larger than life cultural experience. To support this experience the SCDF has put together criteria for competitors that are clear across the board. Once a person registers they will be emailed the criteria for the competition. To register persons need to email the SCDF at: complete with their contact information.

“It’s the creativity and the wow factor that always did it for me. As someone who competed in this competition, just being on stage with a large costume and all eyes on the hard work the costume maker put into it, was really special. It is such a tribute to the talent we have on St. Maarten. We were determined to add this event back to Carnival and so far we are happy with the response from the various troupes. But we would like to see more. We know we have talented designers out there, please sign up and let’s make the event a grand spectacle again, Radjouki said.

Competitors shall register in one category only from the following:

  1. Caribbean – Presentations/Portrayals highlighting the Historical, Present and Futuristic aspects of the Caribbean.

  2. Creative - Presentations/Portrayals arising from an imaginative thought or idea but based on a purely abstract theme.

  3. Creative Topical - Presentations/Portrayals arising from an imaginative thought or idea but based on a topic of current interest.

  4. Fantasy -Presentations/Portrayals depicting an actual subject or theme displayed in a fanciful or unbelievable manner buy yet pleasing to the eye.


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