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SCDF, new Kaiso association meet, discuss Carnival 2021 participation

The St. Maarten Carnival Development Foundation (SCDF) and the newly formed Calypso association SKA (Soualiga Kaiso Association) met on Friday last to discuss areas of cooperation moving forward to Carnival 2021, with the ultimate goal of enhancing and ensuring the further development of the art form of Calypso.

SCDF was represented in the meeting by its President Alston Lourens, Vice President Paula Gordon and Treasurer Michael Granger. SKA was represented by its President Marvin “King Stunky” Dollison, Vice President Leroy “King Beau Beau” Brooks, Treasurer Jean-Louis “X-Ray” Rey, Assistant Secretary Andrew “Baker Jr” Richardson and Assistant Treasurer Alberto “Fish Da Mega Boss” Arrindell. The secretary of the SKA board Roxanne “Roxy” Webster could not be present.

After having an open discussion about lingering issues that caused some tension between some calypsonians and the SCDF, both the SCDF and SKA agreed that the meeting was almost meant to “put the past is the past” and cooperation and dialogue is needed to avoid misunderstandings.

The SCDF also used the opportunity to inform SKA that many people were looking forward to a calypso competition inclusive of as many singers as possible. As such, registration for the 2021 calypso competition will be re-opened to allow more singers to register. The SCDF had already closed its registration for Calypso for a postponed Carnival 2020.

Several other issues regarding Calypso was discussed which will now be shared with the membership of both entities. The SCDF and SKA pledged to work closely together in implementing necessary changes moving forward. The SCDF said that per usual the input of other singers who might not be a member of SKA will continue to be included and respected.

“The bottom line is this is for calypso. Calypso and Carnival are bigger than all of us. Calypso is the heart and soul of Carnival,” both groups agreed.


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